Leisliane and Brent – intimate beach wedding

Leisliane and Brent who are originally from Brazil and Durban in South Africa, decided to tie the knot in Brent’s home province of KwaZulu Natal, even though they were residing in the UK. This is the story of how they met.

Brent: We met in London at a friend’s house .I immediately locked my eyes onto hers .We then met at a outdoor party a couple of weeks later where I said to her –I am all yours .We just  bonded and knew we were made for each other. I then  proposed in Brazil when we were on holiday in Fortaleza by the pool area of a prestige hotel at sunset organizing flowers and champagne where I hid the ring in the flowers – once the waiter had brought the flowers and champagne, I went down on my knees and asked her for her hand in front of some onlookers – the guns and roses crew were also there by coincidence who then congratulated us – everyone started clapping.

Leisliane: Brent was born in Johannesburg but he spend most of his life in Port Elizabeth until he moved to London 15 years ago. I’m from Sao Paulo in Brazil and have been living in London for 13 years. The sea has always been a part of both of our lives since we were kids. From the moment we decided to get married there was no doubt in our minds that it would be the perfect venue to celebrate the beginning of  our life’s together with our close friends and family.

Brent: Being from different countries one of the hardest decision was to choose between having our wedding in South Africa or Brazil,  in our hearts we knew that the most important was to have our parents by our sides. On the night we got engaged my now father-in-law told me they would be more than happy to travel to South Africa because they knew it would be difficult for my mum to travel long distance, which meant alot to me.

wedding shoesLeisliane and Brent

Leisliane: After a lot of research on many different locations in South Africa I’ve realized I had underestimated the task of finding a wedding venue in a country which I hardly knew. There are so many amazing places in South Africa but the wedding venue options available at the time just didn’t feel right. That’s when we decided to start looking again, but this time we would start looking for venues around Christmas Bay – the first beach Brent and I went to on my first visit to SA, and there it was – Canelands Beach Club – Perfect!

intimate beach wedding intimate beach wedding

For this couple the most important aspect of the venue was the sea view, within a step away from the beach and the venue’s elegant vibe.

It was an intimate beach wedding of around 45 people, with guests travelling from across the global (from Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg, London, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Dubai and Tanzania to join the nuptials. For many guests this was their first trip to the country.  Due to various commitments, they selected a date in February for the wedding, which is notoriously a month of extreme heat and humidity along the coast, but fortunately as it turned out they were blessed with the most stunning day and very little humidity with the ceremony set up beautifully on the beach.

Leisliane and Brentintimate beach weddingintimate beach weddingLeisliane and Brent

Lindsay Nixon the hair and make up artist, had beautiful ladies to work with, and she ensured that the entire bridal party looked gorgeous. The bridesmaids wore beautiful dresses in summer shades of pink and green, rounded off with two ladies wearing flower garlands on their heads. Leisliane carried a striking yet simple bouquet of white tulips.

Leisliane and Brentwedding party

The marriage official, Wessel conducted a really personalised religious ceremony by incorporating a number of special elements which included handing each of the mothers a rose, and one of the bridesmaids gave a reading. Guests were serenaded by a solo guitarist. After the ceremony canapés and cocktails were served on the deck overlooking the Indian Ocean.

The couple wanted to ensure that the wedding was captured on film so we booked Matthew from Para Films who captured all the amazing moments, and the final edit really brought the wedding to life once again. We are sure this will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Kym Burmeister was booked to do all the photography on the day, and from these beautiful images you can see that she expertly captured every detail.

Leisliane and Brent Leisliane and Brent

This wedding was all about the small details, which ensured that it was personalised to Leisliane and Brent’s requirements. The indoor setting would simply have white flowers with lots of green foliage  to match the peaceful and serenity of the sea view, the wood and gold details in the overall decoration was just the perfect touch simply because Leisliane loved them both for their looks and for what they represent – strength!

Leisliane’s mom is a dab hand on the sewing machine, and she created the beautiful monogrammed tissue holders for guests at the ceremony, as well as the little foot towels to dust off the beach sand, and the personalised gold monogrammed serviettes. Exquisite detail!

intimate beach wedding Leisliane and Brent

Each guest also received a miniature bottle of Amarula and Cachacinha which are well known liqueurs from each of their countries of birth.  These were presented in a hand crafted gold box and finished with a chocolate brown ribbon.

Leisliane and Brentname cards

The tables were decorated with flowers in different size vases, which were filled with white hydrangea’s, tulips, roses and rock roses, there was small details added to some of the vases, and the table numbers were wooden laser cut names.

Leisliane and Brent  Leisliane and BrentLeisliane and Brent Leisliane and Brent

The menu’s created by Lara had a hint of gold and each guest had a laser cut name place setting.  A touch of gold was brought in on the glass base plates that had an edging in gold,  and finally wooden Tiffany chairs were used to finish off the look.

Nicole excelled at creating a master piece for the wedding cake with beautiful gold dusted macaroons – from all accounts the cake was as delicious to taste as it was to view.  Nadia had the task of supplying the rest of the nibbles for the dessert table and created beautiful chocolate balls, cup cakes and coconut ice.

Leisliane and BrentLeisliane and Brent

Leisliane and Brent Leisliane and Brent

Leisliane and Brent – we loved being part of your wedding day and bringing it to fruition whilst liaising across the ocean.  I believe good things happen to good people, and after the weather worried us during the week before the ceremony, you were certainly presented with the most perfect day to exchange your vows.  Congratulations to you both, and may your marriage be as beautiful as your wedding day.

intimate beach weddingintimate beach wedding

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