Louise and Bing – an exotic Cape Wedding

Louise and Bing met on Christmas eve 2005. Louise had been living in Shanghai, China for 2-months and was at a Christmas eve party when she was introduced to Bing. He was different from anyone that she had ever met before. They spoke all evening, but eventually went their separate ways, without getting each others contact details. A week later Louise was walking to the gym and Bing was on his way to the supermarket when they walked past each other and stopped to chat. Bing has always referred to that chance encounter in a city of 10million people as ‘serendipitous’. Bing asked for her number and asked her out on a date the following evening.

Louise and Bing - exotic Cape Wedding

Bing and Louise play indoor netball on Wednesday nights and usually walk home after the games. On this particular night they spotted a horse and carriage waiting along the road. Bing suggested they talk to the carriage driver who offered them a ride down to the South bank parkland nearby their house. Once they reached the parklands Bing suggested that they go on the Wheel of Brisbane (a Ferris wheel similar to the ‘London eye’). At that time it had still not dawned on Louise that he was going to propose (despite the horse and carriage!) and she merely thought that he was wanting to confront his extreme fear of heights by going on the Ferris wheel. Once they got in Bing became very nervous and as they reached the top, he was sitting with his head in her lap, unable to look out. At that point he asked Louise if they were at the top yet, once Louise said that they were, he took the ring (which was in his pocket the whole time they were playing netball!) out of his pocket and said:” I’m more afraid of spending the rest of my life without you, than I am of being up here. Will you marry me?” To which Louise responded:” Yes”

They really wanted the theme of their wedding to be an explosion of colour and to incorporate the two cultures in the wedding – East and West. They decided on Clouds Estate as their chosen venue with its stunning setting and magnificent views they felt is showcased the Cape Winelands to perfection – and so a exotic Cape wedding was planned.

With the design of her wedding dress Louise opted for a traditional style – a bone corset, long train and veil, but the top part and part of the train she used fabric with the traditional Chinese silk wedding pattern on it. Traditionally the red and white top part of her dress would be material used for the whole dress of a bride in China. The rest of her dress was the traditional western white wedding dress.

Louise and Bing

The bridesmaids wore traditional Chinese qipao. Louise wanted them to like the dresses, so she asked them to pick their favourite colour for the dresses. This contributed to the explosion of colour, which was in theme with the wedding. Louise also decided to go with parasols for the bridesmaids, and everyone commented on how lovely the parasols looked. The actual wedding day ended up being rather warm, so the parasols served a dual purpose of keeping them cool!  The flower girls wore bright red tutus, with leotards and ballerina slippers. They simply loved the long tutus and played with the skirts the whole day. They also looked beautifully colourful and cheerful.

Louise and BingLouise and Bing

Sooner than one realised on the wedding day, Louise’s Dad was at the door ready to collect her and walk Louise down the aisle. After the ceremony, they went to sign the register in the downstairs chapel and were strewn with rose petals, which the little flower girls handed out, on their way back up to join the guests for drinks. The beautiful flowers were done by Leipzig who created the explosion of colour that they were wanting.

Exotic cape wedding

They chose summery cocktails like mohito’s and sangrias with some delicious platters of food. The cake was brought in complete with Chinese letters – which was created by Wades Cakes. After a few moments of mingling with guests, they went on to have thier formal wedding photos taken by .

exotic Cape wedding

Wired Strings set the mood for the ceremony and the pre-drinks and Cape DJ’s ensured that the dance floor rocked into the night.

The evening wasn’t overly structured and they were able to sit back and enjoy themselves. It truly was a great party…the food was amazing, the cake looked spectacular and everything just came together brilliantly, a truly exotic Cape wedding!

Louise and BingLouise and Bing






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