Ten Tips to planning the perfect wedding day

Planning a wedding is a daunting task … where do you start, what is the right thing to do and what is the wrong thing to do? Timeless Weddings can offer the following ten tips to planning the perfect wedding day:

Plan in advance to ensure you book your dream venue – as that sets the base for the wedding that you have in mind and you do not have to compensate on the look and feel of your venue.  Nothing worse than having an open venue in mind with beautiful views and you end up with a conference room at the back of a city hotel as that was all that was available for your selected date.

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Book suppliers that can only handle one booking per day first – this would include the Photographer, Videograper, Hair and make-up stylists as well as the music requirements.  Should you want a specific marriage official to perform your ceremony, that should be booked timeously as well.

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Decide on shades of a colour for your colour scheme versus one set pantone shade as you will get very stressed out trying to match everything perfectly from the bridesmaids dresses to the flowers to the table detail and decor.  If you are having a number of Bridesmaids, consider having them in different shades of the colour you selected – it really does give your photographs a lot of depth and interest versus them all in the same shade.  Likewise consider letting them have a style dress that suits them, ensuring that all the styles work together.  We all know that not every single style of dress suits everyone and that way, they will all feel and look beautiful on the day – without one feeling completely uncomfortable through the wedding day.

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Decide on a budget [according to your expectations of your wedding day] and stick to it – do not get caught up in the wedding spend and get out of hand with what you are spending on.  Make notes – this is very important as you will forget when all the planning really gets rolling.  Do up a budget of what is budgeted for the wedding, actual quotes and deposits paid with all the suppliers contact details.  Ensure that you confirm details witih suppliers in writing on booking as well as final details and requirements 2 weeks prior to the wedding day, just in case they have let it slip or have a different date in mind!

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 Less is sometimes more – decide on the look you are wanting and rather have an eye-catching feature on the table.  When we start with lots of little details, especially on the table décor, it detracts from the set up and beauty at the end of the day when the elements start clashing with each other.

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Ensureyou have you enough time to have hair and make-up done without running late [ensure your stylist is able to keep time!].  Once the bride is late by more than half an hour, it starts pushing everything out and you do not want to have to rush other important aspect such as the ceremony or photographs as light is fading et cetera.

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If you are planning an outdoor ceremony – have a back up plan in case the weather does not play along and do not be scared to use it.  Rather change to plan B in the case of increment weather than braving a windy, cold beach as a pristine beach setup was your dream wedding.  You are going to be uncomfortable and your guests are going to remember “the awful weather at the ceremony” more than the vows that were exchanged!  Once again – focus on what is important!

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Have a good MC – he will bring the reception to life and it is really important to have a person that can do this well so as to “entertain” the guests as well as perform his role.

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Nominate a set up team / person in charge on the wedding day if you are not having it at a venue where this is handled in house or you have a dedicated co-ordinator, such as Timeless Weddings [www.timelessweddingscompany.com].  You do not need to be trying to do all the little details while you should be relaxing and being pampered in preparation of your walk down the aisle.


Most importantly relax, enjoy it. Your wedding day will really go past so fast that you need to savour and appreciate every moment!  If something does not go according to plan, chances are only ones to notice will be the bride and groom, the guests will be none the wiser!

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We trust that these ten tips helps you in planning the perfect wedding.


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