Top tips – head bridesmaids emergency checklist

A chief bridesmaid or Maid of Honour is always prepared for any eventuality. We would like to offer you our tops tips for head bridesmaids emergency checklist. Whatever the problem or circumstance keep these essentials handy in a small bag and you will be able to deal with any disaster (well almost any!).

top tips for head bridesmaids - Getting readyTop tips for Head Bridesmaid

Keeping up appearances
  • Makeup – although the bride will most likely have had her makeup done professionally, it will be necessary to do touch ups throughout the long day, especially before photos.
  • Small mirror – in some wedding locations a mirror may not be readily accessible.
  • Straws – so the bride can drink without ruining her lipstick. Make sure she stays hydrated especially on a hot summers day in South Africa.
  • Blotting sheets – a long day (and nervous sweat) can result in a shiny face. Blotting sheets will keep the bride looking picture perfect all day and night, without caking on powder.
  • Mints or breath spray – the groom is finally at the altar, make sure he isn’t scared away by garlic breath from the night before.
  • Floss – very handy especially if the reception dinner was a meat dish.
  • Deodorant – a long day, nervousness and dancing can make anyone a bit whiffy
  • Bobby pins – make sure you have plenty of these if the bride is having her hair pulled up, necessary for any readjustments
  • Nail polish – in the same colour as the bride’s manicure, in case of chips
  • Earring backs – likely to disappear at the most inopportune time
  • Eye drops – anti-redness, or specifically for contact lenses if your bride wears them.

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Dancing the night away

Flat shoes – those wonderful designer heels may look stunning but after a few hours they will undoubtedly be getting rather uncomfortable. Make sure the flats are in a style that matches the bride’s dress.
Anti-blister stick and blister plasters – should this be needed then blister plasters work better than ordinary plasters because they contain a gel cushion to alleviate the pressure.

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Assorted life savers
  • Tissues – essential for tears or spills (yours or the brides)
  • Rescue remedy – for nerve taming
  • Antacid tablets – nothing worse than heartburn so these are essentials
  • Pain killers – stress-induced headaches can ruin a brides day so make sure you have these handy
  • Water – your bride may be too busy or nervous to drink, make sure she doesn’t get dehydrated
  • Umbrella – for unexpected rain or boiling hot sun
  • Pen – you never know when this is needed
  • Clear Nail polish – for emergency runs in stockings
  • Nail file – in case bride breaks or chips a nail
  • Patience and smiles– this will be a long day, but if you are prepared then it should run smoothly. Your friend will undoubtedly be nervous, but be patient and keep things on track with the minimum of fuss. Remember – have fun!

Bridesmaids emergency checklistbridesmaids emergency checklist

And finally the kit that will avert any dress disasters

Safety pins – in different sizes for different problems
Sewing kit – needles, pins, cotton in white and the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses

Spare tights/stockings – runs always happen when you want them the least

We hope this checklist will get you through any wedding mishap, leaving you relaxed enough to enjoy your best friends special day.

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