Stephania and Carl – romantic coastal forest celebration

Stephania and Carl wanted a romantic coastal forest celebration so decided to enlist the help of Timeless Weddings to make it a reality. They specified that their dream wedding was to have a beach side ceremony, with a reception in a coastal forest clearing – with no marquee or any other structure detracting from the picture. Noreen from Timeless Wedding’s first reaction was “that’s very brave!”. She knew that the only time of year to contemplate doing something like this would be June or July which are the winter months in KwaZulu Natal. This is when the evenings are clear and crisp, so some heating would be required.

Stephani and Carl romantic forest weddingRomantic coastal forest celebration

After the venue had been selected a date was set for the end of June. The venue selected was Jex Estate on the Natal north coast.  Actually this venue is a bit of a hidden gem and they were blown away by its beauty and tranquility. As a result it felt as though it could very easily have been on a secluded beach in Mozambique. On the other hand the venue offers so many options for ceremony, and pre-drinks areas, and has the most beautiful coastal forest where the couple’s open air reception could take place.

Stephania and Carl romantic forest weddingStephania and Carl romantic forest wedding

Stephania and Carl wanted to undertake most of the wedding planning themselves. However one of the challenges they faced was the set up which could only be done on the wedding day itself, given that it was to be held in the open air. This would mean trying to set up for nearly 200 guests in a few hours click here for more info. And that was going to take manpower and logistical planning – something which Timeless Weddings was adept at. Therefore our services were engaged to assist in this aspect of the wedding.

Romantic coastal forest celebration

Rather than the beach the paddock was selected as the magnificent setting for the ceremony. In fact the ceremony would be held under a tree with a surrounding view of coastal forest the only backdrop.

6930PeppermintPix-WeddingPhotography-JexEstate-Stephania and CarlStephania and Carl romantic forest wedding5391PeppermintPix-WeddingPhotography-JexEstate-

Meanwhile the pre-drinks area was located on the lawns with the stunning view of the Mvoti river mouth meeting the ocean. With these endless beach views they provided a real treat for the guests to enjoy.

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After the ceremony each guest couple was given a lantern. They then walked a short distance through the coastal forest to a clearing, where the breathtakingly romantic reception layout was waiting.


Accordingly, the couple chose natural wooden tables, with a runner of lush greenery down the middle. In addition there was a large selection of candles. These served a critical purpose due to the limited lighting. Soft sage green serviettes were placed over the dinner plates. And as an opulent touch, gold plated cutlery was laid out.  This fabulous table setting was designed by Kim from Crystal and Vine


7153PeppermintPix-WeddingPhotography-JexEstate- 7293PeppermintPix-WeddingPhotography-JexEstate-

Furthermore a scrumptious feast was prepared in the kitchen tent that had been set up on site by Ros at Olive Twist. Needless to say that the highlight of the feast was the amazing spread of desserts. These left all the guests wondering what to consume as they all looked incredibly enticing.

5706PeppermintPix-WeddingPhotography-JexEstate- 5703PeppermintPix-WeddingPhotography-JexEstate-

The photographers on the day were Chris and Emily from Peppermint Pix. As they were old friends of the family, Stephania and Carl were immediately at ease with them This was certainly reflected in their beautiful photographs

7486PeppermintPix-WeddingPhotography-JexEstate- 7401PeppermintPix-WeddingPhotography-JexEstate-

Stephania and Carl, we thought you were very brave in your vision of creating a romantic coastal forest celebration. But you were blessed with outstanding weather on the day, and together we managed to pull it off. Your wedding will be one that is remembered and spoken about for many years to come. May you continue to make bold decisions and fulfil your dreams throughout your married life together!

Romantic coastal forest celebration

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